Mabontle is a traditional 3 piece shweshwe set which comes in boob tube, shorts & long transparent pants. The top is adorned with feathers is a vibrant and culturally inspired garment.

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Discover the allure of NN Vintage with Mabontle, a striking 3-piece shweshwe set. This ensemble includes a trendy boob tube, stylish shorts, and elegant long transparent pants, offering a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

The vibrant top of the Mabontle set is adorned with feathers, adding a touch of cultural inspiration and ethereal beauty. Each feather carries a story, blending heritage with contemporary design.

At the core of Mabontle is the renowned shweshwe fabric, celebrated for its distinctive patterns and vibrant colors. This textile, rooted in Southern Africa, serves as a cultural artifact, paying homage to the region’s traditions.

The unique fusion of shweshwe fabric and modern silhouette sets Mabontle apart, creating a timeless and fashion-forward statement. It’s a celebration of past and present, appealing to those who appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity.

With Mabontle, NN Vintage invites you to adorn yourself in more than just clothing; it’s a cultural masterpiece. Embrace the fusion of tradition and contemporary style, letting your fashion choices reflect the rich tapestry of African heritage. Elevate your wardrobe with Mabontle, where every piece tells a story, and NN Vintage celebrates the beauty of diversity.

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